All Your Emails Are Now Spam

I usually love Yahoo’s email, especially in the directions they have taken it lately. The fact that they were one of the first to have iPhone support with IMAP was, in the words of many colleagues down at Steamer’s Lane, totally killer. But lately their SPAM feature (if one can call it that) is bugging the bejeezus out of me.

I remember when Yahoo bought Zimbra, the Software-as-a-Service company that threatened to take down Microsoft Outlook (ok it wasn’t that long ago). There was a comment from someone at Yahoo, I forgot who maybe it was Brad Garlinghouse the guy who put together the deal but I tend to think it was another Yahoo, talking about the differences between Zimbra and Yahoo mail. He said that Zimbra had a lot to offer Yahoo and that Zimbra could benefit from Yahoo’s SPAM filters.

Well, I am sorry but if this is the best they can do…

I have found more messages in my SPAM folder than I care to mention. Which to some degree I expect, after all it is a filter. But please don’t go overboard here. Personal emails from people I know and who don’t have enough traffic to consider them even close to SPAM potential should not be included. Even more though, I have repeatedly told the filter that certain messages are ok, I want to see them! But, noooooo. It insists that these emails should be bad for me and is in effect protecting me from myself.

So Yahoo, if you are listening, can you please chill with the SPAM protection? I am a big boy and I can take care of my own inbox. A little help is appreciated but don’t go nuts.


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