Is There a Road Back for Sen. Clinton

If so I don’t see it.

She would need a 2 minute drill along the lines of what Brady pulled off in the Superbowl. Let’s do the math (fuzzy as it is). With 370 delegates at stake on March 4, and 604 in the remaining months (RealClearPolitics) mathmatically the race may not be decided Tuesday after next. But, if Clinton doesn’t stem the tide she could be in big trouble. Right now (again according to RealClearPolitics) Obama has 1363 delegates to Clinton’s 1271. To draw even with Obama on March 4 Clinton would need 92 more delegates than him, in other words Clinton 231 to Obama 139. Even a 60%/40% split would probably be enough to get her back in contention (222 to 148). Let’s look at states where Clinton has had a better than 60% finish:


No idea why Oklahoma went the way it did, but Arkansas is obvious home field advantage for the Clintons. She didn’t even pick up New York with over 60% (alright she came close at 59.91% but she is the Senator there for crying out loud.

Now let’s see the states Obama has picked up with over 60%

Virgin Islands
North Dakota

18 States in all.

Ok, let’s switch to the way everyone is saying for Clinton to win. Attack attack attack. I don’t understand the reasoning here. It plays right into why people don’t like her. And it allows Obama to come back at her claiming that this is typical politics as usual that people don’t want to be a part of, like he did in last night’s debate.

And for her to come at Obama with the whole plagiarism thing just smacks of desperation.

Clinton is on the ropes and March 4 will be the knockout punch.


One Response

  1. I do not know why saying for Clinton to win?
    We’ll see in next few weeks all details.

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