Can you digg it? I knew that you could – The Great Social Experiment

REPOST from original series started on back in September of 2007

I have spent the past couple of weeks preparing for an experiment in social networking. Brian Solis has been a wonderful adviser on everything PR 2.0 and has been influential in pushing me in this direction to build better networks for communicating our company direction and talking about things that interest us in the Web 2.0 space.

In my search for building a better social media marketing toolkit I am going to start playing with a bunch of social networking sites. In the great tradition of throwing things on walls and seeing what is going to stick I set up profiles on:
ThinkFree Docs

Updated list:
Plaxo Pulse
While I did put digg in the title, it certainly doesn’t mean that I will be playing favorites, I just love the Louis Armstrong line. And yes I realize it probably isn’t very original.

So, follow me on these sites, add me as a friend, and I will reciprocate, be a fan, do whatever vodoo that you do best on these sites and lets see what happens. I will take a (semi-) quantitave look at the results and share them with everyone at the end of October. I will also post my experiences each week.

And if I have missed your favorite, let me know and I will add (as long as it doesn’t take up too much of my life – the creating of profiles on all of these sites is not the easiest, and the duplication can get a bit mind-numbing).

Articles in this series:

The Great Social Experiment – #1 Getting Started

The Great Social Experiment – #2 Will You Be My Friend

The Great Social Experiment – #3 owwww, i’m u’r biggest fan

The Great Social Experiment – How has it gone?

And the round table discussion:

  1. Did I devote enough time to the exercise? More to the point, where should social networking be placed in terms of marketing priorities? Does this change for companies that are more or less mature?
  2. How should we be judging the outcomes from social networking activities? Are there tools you recommend?
  3. Is social networking the right tool for the tests I created? Are my expectations of social networking in line with what it can do? What is social networking best geared to address?
  4. How much of getting social networking to work is the contacts you bring with you? How aggressive should one be in reaching out to new contacts? Should I, for instance, try to befriend Chris Anderson even after I have composed a note meant to appeal to what he is interested in?
  5. How can I build better mechanisms into the framework to increase feedback?




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