Santa Cruz Volunteer Center – Human Race

Every year the Santa Cruz Volunteer Center puts on the Human Race – a non-profit run/walk (ok, let’s be honest more like a leisurely stroll for us) to benefit hundreds of agencies throughout the Santa Cruz county.

My family and I have been doing it since 2003, but it has been going on for 28years. Other Vounteer Centers throughout the nation also put these on and if I am not mistaken ours is the oldest Human Race in the country. My daughter wants to make sure that I mention the food at the end of the race – there are hot dogs and veggie burgers and salad and cookies.

Kristin at the Volunteer Center recently posted a photo retrospective of the 28 years. I helped design the posters in 2003 and that poster was in the slideshow, so that boosted my ego a bit. But, my daughter was disappointed her picture wasn’t included;).

Oh yeah, and if you feel like donating (ok, I know it was a bit late seeing as how the event was in May but there is still time) you can check out my donation page.

Gratuitous photo from the event


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