Kitchen Tour – Benefit for Literacy Program

At yesterday’s board meeting for the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz Barbara Davis, the Executive Director for the Literacy Program, came by and gave us an update on the Kitchen Tour. The Kitchen Tour is a benefit for the Literacy Program which is really an undersung program of the Volunteer Center.

Kitchen Tour
Sunday, August 24th, 2008

The project has tutored unbelievable numbers of English learners and has an engaging curriculum that includes things like following recipes to cook meals in class and on the job teaching. What really impressed me about the program is that in a study comparing test scores around the state this program has equaled or surpassed the English as a Second Language programs in most of the community colleges throughout California. And this from volunteers! The California Department of Education feels the same way about the program. In June 2008 the Dept. of Ed. honored the Literacy Program with a Promising Practices award.

The Kitchen Tour is a great way to support the Literacy Program and see some amazing kitchens. The 9 kitchens on the tour can give you some new ideas for your own kitchen. Not only that but raffle tickets are available at each of the tour sites. You can win a trip to Kauai or the Yucatan Peninsula.

Pick up your tour booklet for $15 at any of the following locations:

You can contact the Literacy Program for more details at 831-427-5077 or by email at

Update: Just saw that MetroActive posted an article about the Kitchen Tour

The following article is at the bottom of the page.

Ogling for Dollars

Everyone does it–you go to someone’s house, you check out their décor. An innovative fundraiser capitalizes on the human urge to snoop.


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