What Get-up Should I Run In for the Human Race?

Last year I ran my first 10k. I used it as an opportunity to challenge my community to raise $1,000 for my daughters school. It worked out so well I thought I would try it again. But you can only do something the first time once, right? So this year I decided if I make my $1,500 goal I would dress up in something funky to run the race.

Jonathan Crow Human Race 2009

Jonathan Crow Human Race 2009

Where you come in is I need some help determining what that costume should be. So add your comment below and I will let the some of the kids from DeLaveaga Elementary decide the winner.

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Also, last year I asked everyone to give me a song for my playlist I could listen to on the run. One of the unexpected things to come out of that was that when I listened to the song it reminded me of the person that suggested it and made me feel very supported and loved. I am again asking for your song suggestions, so please include that in the comment below.

Just to give you some background on where the money goes – the Dos Alas program is a two-way immersion program at DeLaveaga Elementary. The program supports bilingualism and bi-culturalism in English and Spanish. What these kids have shown through their years in the program has been inspiring. Not only have they developed a fluency beyond their years, but they have developed a self-confidence that has enabled them to go out and make use of these skills in the community – helping as translators in situations where there is a communication barrier. Money raised over the years has gone to pay for Spanish language resources, teacher training, and promoting bi-culturalism through fun events.

And don’t forget – if I make my goal of $1,500 I have to run in a costume the kids decide on.

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