Another Argument for Holistic Approaches to Learning

“Kids will be engaged in learning and internalize the academic side if you are also helping them work to develop in multiple ways.” Engaged in learning? Sign me up.


Today on KQED’s Mind/Shift, Katrina Schwartz shares results from a study by the Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR) called “Beyond Academics: What a Holistic Approach to Learning Could Look Like.”

“The CCSR report makes the case for better integrating aspects of a child’s development using a compilation of developmental psychology, neuroscience, sociology and education research perspectives. By combining insights from each of these areas, the report’s authors strive to paint a clearer picture of how to support development of the intangible qualities underlying both the cognitive and non-cognitive skills emphasized in school, clubs and at home.”


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Scientists say many worker ants are actually super lazy

Finally I can blame it on science.

Alabama Shakes – “I Found You”

They’ve definitely been growing on me.

Song Of The Day

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