About Me

I am a self-confessed fair-trade-latte-drinking, hybrid-driving, tree-hugging (yes I have really hugged trees – try it it’s fun) organic eating leftie that people are always making fun of. But, I know a few conservatives, and even like a couple of them. All views are respected here, except for views of intolerance and hatred.

So grab a cup of joe, a tall latte, a chai, tea, juice whatever – and lets go.

My Work
By profession I am a marketing manager. Over the last 13 years I have done just about every aspect of marketing:

  • Spokesperson for events, podcasts, radio, blog and traditional media
  • Public Relations
  • Analyst Relations
  • Business Development
  • Marketing collateral – slicks, brochures, white papers, websites
  • Internet marketing, email broadcasts, promotional landing pages
  • Research and analysis – website analytics, click tracking, development of MRDs
  • Community relations – blogging, social networking, maintaining and nurturing of the community

What I haven’t done, I have probably been around long enough to pick up pretty quickly.

My Interests
I am keen on this whole Web 2.0 thing – using the web to connect people and technology. The concept of two great tastes that go great together, the mixing and matching. Combinations of cultures and ideas are what really get me going. That is why the whole idea of my blog is conversations over a cup of coffee. It is where these conversations spark off each other that I live the most. And Web 2.0 is the technological manifestation of this notion on a grand scale.

Outside of technology, I know it’s corny but… I have to say it… here it goes, I love hanging out with my family. Yes, very cheesy very Leave It To Beaver (although if you saw our family that thought would never enter your mind) but true.

I am also into tennis. If you are ever in the neighborhood I am almost always up for a game. In my head I fancy myself a 4.5 USTA player, but that is probably on a good day after having played consistently for a while.

And politics. If you ever have a thought about who will win the election, or how the vote will turn out – no matter what the subject of the article you are reading at the time then out with it. Put in a comment, let me know what you think. All this “politics is not good dinner conversations” nonsense has to go. But also so does the bashing. While I may disagree with you I will always do so respectfully. And if anyone tries to get away with bashing here (baiting in good fun is always tolerated) I will cut off the discussion.

Alright back to the posts.

And if you ever want to get in touch with me directly try one of the methods on the left hand side, they should work. But be forewarned, if you don’t provide some context, e.g. saw your post on xyz and wanted to connect, I may assume you are spamming me and may ignore you.


6 Responses

  1. 🙂

  2. Jonathan, I have a quick question and was wondering if you can help me: Is ThinkFree still doing business in the US? I can’t reach anybody there. We had short listed them as part of a research activity for Deutsche Telekom.
    Thanks for you help. BTW, great blog!

  3. Jonathan…hopefully, with your experiance, you can direct us to someone who has the savy and bawls to guide us in marketing a new community building web 2.0 site programmed in Soquel and just launched in Santa Cruz.

    So far the marketeers I’ve spoken with don’t have a clue.


  4. Steve,

    There are a bunch of people interested in building the whole community thing in Santa Cruz, both virtual and well.. non-virtual.

    Margaret Rosas and Tracy Smith at Quiddities along with others like David Beach and Marcus Nelson (both of whom I have heard about but never met) put together Citizen Santa Cruz, a community journalism site. But I don’t know if it got fully baked. It might be good to talk with them and compare notes, so to speak.

  5. Dear Jonathan,
    Your enthusiasm for the Kitchen Tour friend-raiser, and your unswerving support of the Literacy Program, make those who do the heavy lifting feel very appreciated.
    The Kitchen Crew (volunteer tutors all) has spent hundreds of hours prepping for this 1st Annual, ambitious event. Your kind words arrive at just the right time. They are compatible with the high-class artwork in our publicity and Tour Guide1
    Thank you is what I mean to say.
    “Barbara Literacy”

  6. Barbara,

    Absolutely! You guys are top notch, and I won’t stop shouting it until you get more people in those kitchens than you can handle!

    Hope it pays off.

    And I have to say thank you right back. Without you guys there would be fewer people in the world who could read my blog;). In all seriousness increasing literacy was a huge thing for my dad (a Republican) and still is for my mom (a Democrat). And they must have passed it down to me. Just goes to show it is a bi-partisan issue.


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