Starting a New Gig at Intalio

I posted earlier this month (wait gosh it’s Feb. already, alright make it last month) that I was looking for a job. Well the search is over. Yesterday I signed on with Intalio, the leader in Open Source Business Process Management. The CEO, Ismael Ghalimi, was an advisor to my previous company, ThinkFree. Getting to know him there I grew to respect his wisdom and knowledge of the industry (geez, I haven’t even officially started yet and I am already kissing up, but it is true too so…). When he asked me if I was interested I jumped at the chance.

I’ll be directing the marketing activities there. So as far as the job function it will be pretty much the same. But, it will certainly be challenging going from what was primarily addressing the consumer to medium business range into a company that is firmly entrenched in the enterprise market.

It will be somewhat like old times when I worked at HP in the Nonstop Division. We had a number of BPM-like initiatives. Although much has changed since then with the advent of a number of standards and a huge jump in the technology. So, I have some homework to do. If anyone has some resources I should take a look at, please feel free to let me know.

And thanks to everyone who gave me so much help during the transition. I felt very supported in my community. The whole thing couldn’t have worked out better, and I am really excited about moving forward.


Goodbye ThinkFree Hello World

My first post on my new blog (and there was much rejoicing).

Some of you may have followed my series on The Great Social Experiment. Now it is time to test social networking in a new frontier – getting a job. As you may know the company I worked for over the last two years (ThinkFree) is undergoing some changes, being assimilated into the motherhship, and it was time for me to move on. It will be interesting to see how much of the attention I developed through social network engagement will follow me and how much will stay with the company. If you have any thoughts on the subject I would love to hear your comments.

I really enjoyed my time with ThinkFree and am really proud of the work we accomplished. We positioned the service as one of the top three in the industry and were always featured in any news coverage within the online office space. Working there was an incredible experience that gave me the opportunity to expand in numerous ways. For that I have to thank my former boss TJ Kang, an incredible entrepreneur and really nice guy who gave me the trust and the room I needed to grow. I have to admit that interviews in the NY Times and Wall Street Journal really served to feed my ego. Getting the chance to meet some incredible bloggers and techno-hip people was both inspirational and instructive.

So, what next? People have asked me what I want to do in my next life. Let me start off with what I am good at:

  • getting the conversation going and keeping people engaged
  • integrated marketing – linking traditional PR, with social networking programs, promotions and direct marketing campaigns

What I really liked about working at ThinkFree was helping to formulate the marketing strategy and managing pretty much every facet of the marketing plan – PR, AR, social networking, communities, events and speaking opportunities, direct marketing, content development, research, analytics, segmentation, and much more.

I love the Web 2.0 game, and think there is a lot of untapped potential. We still have a long way to go to market these services to the masses. The reason I am so attracted to Web 2.0 is because the technology is all about the connections we make. Where cultures, people and ideas collide amazing things emerge. Web 2.0 facilitates new ways of thinking about how we interact with each other and the information we deal with in our daily lives. Seeing these connections take form – through things like OpenSocial or the Google maps used for the fires in San Diego – is really exciting.

In my career I have discovered the importance of being direct and clear. It leads to less confusion and wasted time. In the interest of being up front let me tell you what I haven’t had a lot of experience with and what I am not looking to do. While I haven’t had a lot of experience with advertising I have done enough to know that I could grow into it and would certainly enjoy it. If you are looking for a crack designer that isn’t me. I can sure do some spot design and work Photoshop in a pinch. But I have met some amazing designers – Christina Morello of Clickography and Sonia Harris at Soyabean Design just to name a few – and these people are true artists, whereas I am just a skilled journeyman. My HTML skills are a bit rusty. I haven’t worked with consumer hardware, but if the company and the product are interesting enough I would sure give it a go.

If you know of anyone interested they can contact me at

If you want to know more about me or want to contact me directly try one of the methods on the left hand side, they should work. But be forewarned, if you don’t provide some context, e.g. saw your post on xyz and wanted to connect, I may assume you are spamming me and may ignore you.