Are you tired of the election?

I have been seeing this question more and more in the media – are you tired of the election. In one sense yes, in that I am just exhausted from the worrying and the speculation. But in another sense, no. No I am not and I am not afraid to admit it

I do hate to admit exactly how truly geeky I am – but yeah I am going to miss this election. More to the point I am going to miss the fact that people are actually talking about politics – and not just because I now get to have conversations about stuff I care about instead of talking about football;) but i think it is good for us. Yeah there are a lot of riled up people out there saying things that are insensitive. But on the flip side, there is passion. A while back I talked about patriotism and how I have come to define it and what it means to me. And I just realized that this passion to me is the true definition of patriotism. The passion that you have to say what you feel and not be afraid to be called a jackass, because it is important to you.

And yes, the conversations haven’t all been healthy. I think we get lazy and talk, for instance, about big government vs. small government. I am sorry that is just lazy talk. We need a rational starting point. We must all accept that government has a valid role to play in our lives. And I for one and really really happy they exist. Would you want to test all your meat to make sure it was safe for consumption? Well thank the USDA. Would you want to pave your own roads? Thank your local government. There are many roles that government plays that we can agree on are good for society. The more interesting argument from my perspective is – lets talk about the areas we agree where government should be involved, and lets define where they should not be involved.

For me, the government should be involved in helping those of us who really need a hand, who have trouble feeding their family day to day. Government should be involved in keeping us safe, but that means more to me than army and police, it means regulations that protect me from stuff it would be hard for me to protect myself about – lead in paint, chemicals that can really do some harm. I am not a scientist. I can’t spend time doing the research to know which chemicals are going to kill me. The government should be involved in things that affect all of us – the environment

Government should not be involved in my body. Don’t tell me who I can love. Either make marriage legal for all or keep the government out of every aspect of my relationship. I heard fifth hand a quote from an un-named Republican saying “people who can’t get pregnant have no right” voting on anything remotely connected with being pregnant.

So – my little voting plug – Please Vote No on Prop 4 and No on Prop 8.

There are plenty of other areas where the government should be excluded, but that is a longer discussion than I have the energy for tonight. And even more gray areas – how do you balance the need for regulation and protection against the creative flexibility needed by business in order to innovate and stimulate the economy. But like I said – bring on those conversations and stop calling people names like socialist that are meant to scare people.